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Xcellence Magazine aims to fill the gap in the FREE magazine media space. It’s about equity.
Our quarterly issues will feature, all the latest news, in Black and ethnic excellence. It is a place to share with the wider citizens of Wales, our contributions, achievements and inspirations.

There will be regular features, such as I AM, which will give a spotlight to individuals who are making Wales great. Our business pages will offer prominence to those working hard to contribute to the Welsh economy and we will share all the latest in social changes, to help make Wales, a more equal and equitable place for all!

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We’re committed to highlighting the contributions of the Global Majority living in Wales and beyond, with all the latest news and developments in education, in- depth interviews, opinion pieces, news and reviews in the arts sector and much more! In a bid to celebrate diversity and INFUSION, The Xcellence commits to increasing representation in the FREE magazine space through our quarterly magazine.

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