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Level UP is a life skills-based programme, designed to promote a better understanding of how to become upwardly mobile in society.

Exploring the sociological theory of ‘capital’ Level Up, can help a young person achieve a greater sense of confidence, to better navigate the world of work or further education.

This programme has been designed to help marginalised groups, often divided in society by race or class, gain a better understanding of the ways in which they can maximise opportunities to help improve their social mobility.

Schools, Colleges and Training Providers.

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Out Reach

During  February half term, we ran a two day out reach workshop raising the awareness of ACES – Adverse Childhood Experiences.

The workshop was delivered by Stephen Graham, who is a trauma informed specialist and youth worker.

Drawing from his former life-style of street violence and gang crime, Stephen’s interactive workshops, such as I AM, Kick Crime and Street Knowledge are designed to engage young people, who maybe at risk to the hype and false glamorisation of gang culture.

This workshop also included participation of DC Pascal, of London Met Police. An unlikely partnership, that most young people would be exposed to or benefit from.  DC Pascal, shared his reasons for joining the police and used his 18 years experience to empower young people about the impact that violent crime has on individuals, families and communities.


Llanrumney Pheonix Boxing Club.

With thanks to Pheonix Boxing Club, for sharing their young people with us. Youth engagement officers, Gemma and Tony, have worked with the young people from the local community for many years, so they were aware of topics such as trauma and mental wellbeing. The club offers regular workshops exploring topics such as mental wellness and all-female self-empowerment projects.

The young people are totally committed to learning new things in an informal setting, which also allows them to be physically active and if they choose, have the opportunity to compete in boxing matches.

Tiger Bay Boxing Club.

With thanks to Tiger Bay Boxing Club, for allowing us to visit the gym. Here we met some amazing young people, who are really focused on fitness and education.

The gym fosters a sense of community amongst all age groups and is a real place of sanctuary for some. Owner Wazim, is like a big brother to many of the young men, who appreciate having a space to do homework, keep physically fit and make new friends.