'Super Citizens'

Ethical, Informed Citizens

Lesson Plan

Suitable from age 8-11

BE.Xcellence has created a school resource suitable for KS2 pupils (age 8-11) to help them enhance a greater sense of Cynefin (belonging). Super Citizens covers 6 topics/missions, to help pupils explore subjects such as anti-racism, environment, and community.

The ‘Super Citizens’ are based on real-life people, who have contributed to helping Wales become a nation that inspires excellence. Super Citizens is a bi-lingual resource, which covers the Donaldson’s four purposes within the new curriculum. The Donaldson curriculum, encourages pupils to achieve successful futures, by being healthy and ethical informed citizens and confident individuals.
Whilst the lessons focus on building empathy, there are also opportunities for progressing literacy, numeracy, and digital competency. The lessons also introduce various legislation, such as the Equality Act 2010. It is not overly prescriptive to allow space for an educator to discuss areas in detail and allow for differentiation within their learning environment.

We are grateful for the contributions made by Cardiff University, and Welsh Water, who have supported the creation of  6 animations, that accompany each lesson. On completion of each mission, the pupils will receive a golden coin and a certificate, acting as their pledge to do their very best to become a Super Citizen.



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    Cynefin is a core principle underpinning the new curriculum.

    Professor, Charlotte Williams, 2020