The future of business in Wales, is unleashing an entrepreneurial explosion from unexpected places, ushering in a new generation of small business creators and brand developers. Who are developing innovative solutions that are creating social change, unlike anything witnessed before.

It is an exciting time!!

This means that there will be more affordable, more accessible and more choice of diverse products available.

On a micro level, conscious consumers rate value, quality, and sustainable products and are committed to supporting small business owners.

On a macro level, they are contributing to the economic investment of the Welsh economy, which can only be a positive thing for us all!

Today‚Äôs shopping experiences are multi-faceted and can function simultaneously, particularly in the online arena. The digital mode of shopping can sometimes, be highly saturated with choice, fractured information, and confusing offers of value for money. You could argue that online shopping is quick, efficient, and variable. However, online stores don’t always build trust and reciprocate your investment.

The BOMB directory, is an online platform that brings Welsh businesses under one roof! Designed with the intention of supporting local businesses, who would often be marginalised by larger, well-known brands. This innovative platform provides a pathway for small business owners, to network, share ideas and problem solve, whilst raising representation of the global majority and women in business in Wales.