"BE.Xcellence in all you do, in the words you use, and in all you believe in"

The pandemic exposed the persistent racial inequality, discrimination and injustice, thus bringing conversations to public consciousness. During the quietness of isolation, the noise of racial tension grew louder, and in a time of unprecedented change, the time for Wales to work tenaciously towards the Welsh Government’s Future Generations Act, for a more equitable Wales is NOW!

In 2020, the Welsh Government introduced it’s anti – racism action plan. This piece of legislation, is a bold and historical move, which will ensure that organisations, statutory services and institutions are decolonising their current structures. This is huge for Wales, and we will be an excellent example to the rest of the UK on how to be a nation that values diversity “infusion” not just inclusion.

I feel that having a lack of positive representation and an informed identity, plays an important part of developing a sense of belonging here in Wales. I wish I had grown up, seeing people who looked like me, in prominent roles, because it would have encouraged a greater appreciation for education and authority, as I was growing up.  

The current MatRix, in which we all live in is governed by social constructs, such as race, which have damaged our humanity. I feel it is time to draw attention to how this particular construct, has created barriers for some people and increased social mobility for others. I have heard people use the term, “difficult conversations” on many occasions, but they really don’t need to be, they just need to be honest, vulnerable and teachable. Let’s start having them, so we can change our beautiful nation!

On June 11th 2021, we launched BE.Xcellence. A Community Interest Company. Our organisational aim is to contribute to raising the representation of Black, Asian and minority ethnic people in positions that hold power, by using a collaborative multi-layered approach.

The objective is for our unique and integrated programmes to become a catalyst in galvanising inclusion and social mobility through knowledge acquisition and intellectual self-realisation.

Look forward to meeting you.

Donna Ali

Advisory Board Members

BE.Xcellence advisory board members, are experienced and equipped to support the aims and objectives of this dynamic, Community Interest Company.

Each member supports, within their individual capacity as a critical friend, providing knowledge and analysis of the current and future projects whilst underpinning, the values and purposes to which BE.Xcellence upholds.