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Did you know?

That BOMB's contribute, 25bn to the UK economy.

Read FSB latest report here.

We can provide a safe space, for you to allow your ideas to flow. So you can begin to build a bridge between the possibilities and opportunities.

If you have an idea and want the explore to possibilities, our 4 week explorative sessions, will help you to bring clarity to the type of business model your idea would suit best.

Help you to explore the opportunities for growth and sustainability, as well as understand the terminology to expect, when approaching business services, who can help take your idea to the next start up phase.

“The mentoring, I received helped me to build confidence and belief in my idea. I began to visualise it and things started to happen!”

Phil MartinezDesigner, Owl Eyes

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According to the Federation of Small businesses, "Black Owned Minority Businesses", fail to scale up. For reasons such as lack of access to networks and finance.

Evidence suggests, one of the main barriers to growth, is cultural capital.

But what is cultural capital? or cultural norms, living in Wales?
We think that it is time to undo! the current MatRix and create an more realistic approach of doing business, ensuring that no-body is left behind. The best Businesses thrive, from an array of diverse ideas and perspectives.
It is about an "infusion" of talents, skills and observations, that create the most sustainable businesses. The BOMB is about doing business with the owners at the heart of it, doing away with, traditional "professionalism" and embracing a new "respectability" with diversity at its core.


In support of all the small, Black Owned Minority Businesses, in South Wales, we have created a dedicated Business Directory, aimed at amplifying their products and services. Giving prominent visibility, helps to give consumers a diverse shopping experiences, whilst increasing sales and building opportunities for BOMB's to network.
Visit the site, show solidarity and support a small business. If you are a Black Owned Minority Business
(Minority meaning women in business - of any background)

Amplify your business for less than, £2.50 per week.
Visit the BOMB an purchase a listing here!

Business Promotional Opportunities

CCHA Hampers

Cardiff Community Housing, supported 6 BOMB’s recently, by purchasing 133 hampers, for their staff.

The diversity boxes contained, Caribbean BBQ sauce, and Patty – Welsh cakes, by Patty Man. An authentic Indian spice mix, by the Jouborjah. An A6 aspirational print courtesy of Print’d Image, and African print coaster by Deesigns and some beautiful mixed scented wax melts, by Miss B’s smelts.


The BOMB hosted the first diverse Festive Market, at the Temple of Peace in December 2021. We had 24 vendors, promoting their products and services, with contributions made by: Barista Brew, Island Hampers, Bia Seeds and much much more. We had our very own Santa, and celebrated with rich conversations and delectable food options from around the world. It was a great event and we plan to do it all again, for 2022. This is just one of the ways, we are amplifying BOMB’s and giving them more visibility and opportunities to increase sales.

Festive Market 2021.

“The most important aspect of the day, was the children seeing Santa, and not paying any attention to what a "traditional" Santa should look like! We believe representation matters, and if children can see themselves without question, then we are doing our job!”

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch,
you must first invent the universe.

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