75th Anniversary of the Windrush XCELLENCE MAGAZINE

Summer issue of Xcellence coming August 2023. This is a Windrush special, dedicated to the golden generation, celebrating 75 years of contribution to Wales and beyond!

Welcome to BE.Xcellence

“BE.Xcellence, support the aims and objectives of the Welsh government's anti-racism action plan, by creating innovative spaces and identifying opportunities that provide equity. We believe in meeting people where they are, with the vision of contributing to Wales that is an "infusion" of cultures and traditions. Our work is underpinned by the idea of cynefin, for all citizens and visitors of Wales.”

Donna AliDirector - BE.Xcellence CIC

Together, we must continue to build a strong and diverse society here in Wales, where people of every race, faith and colour are valued for their character and their actions.
We all want to help create a peaceful and harmonious country where our children and future generations can thrive.

- Jane Hutt MS, Deputy Minister and Chief WhipWelsh Government

Welsh Government, are leading the way to an anti-racist Wales.

The guiding principle of this plan is that the
‘rhetoric’ on racial equality should be translated
into meaningful action, with organisations
and institutions made accountable for turning
this into reality as is common with other
important policy areas.

Professor Emmanuel OgbonnaCardiff University

We don't like to brag, but we're are changing the narrative

“"The BOMB radio show, is about giving people an opportunity to excel"”

Ricardo ErasmusParadigm Shift

“I am a teaching assistant at Mount Stuart school, and this year I will be starting my PGCE with Cardiff Met University. Being a member of TAN, helped me to prepare to teach, the mentoring I received gave me the confidence I needed to pass the interview. I learnt about the new curriculum expectations and how the education system works here in Wales.”

Emmanuel Annorbah-SarpeiTeaching Assistant

“"The BOMB radio show is a creative programme, which encourages business owners and consumers to be aware of the different products and services available, local and nationally. My experience on the show helped to inform a broader range of people, aware of the work I have been doing with the new curriculum for Wales"”

Abu Bakr Madden Al ShabazzEducational Consultant ACAP Academy

“We are so grateful to Wales Co-operative, for referring us to BE.Xcellence. The mentoring we received helped us to grow our networks in Wales and learn more about applying for funding.”

Leanne and EnricoSoul Trail wellbeing

“I tune into the BOMB every week, to hear all about the local entrepreneurs. I also love to hear my mom, Donna Ali, with her inspiring words of encouragement for the listeners, she is amazing, but I am bias.”

Bianca AliActivist

“BE.Xcellence has helped me take my small business to the next level, you can read my testimony on the business support page.”

Leroy WilliamsPattyman products

Collaborations - Friendships - Partnerships - are KEY to our success!

Registered Office:

BE.Xcellence CIC

Corporation No: 1327790

113-116 Portland House,

Bute Street,

Cardiff Bay, CF10 5EQ

Tel: 07581688724

Email: info@bexcellence.co.uk